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SOUGA is all about healing from the inside out! This brand was created for all generations to heal and relax. Each item on here was carefully picked in the hopes of bringing a grounding feeling to each soul who comes and finds exactly what they need. SOUGA is knowing you are different than the normal and totally being okay with that. I welcome you, in whatever version or form you may be in. Together, we all heal as one.


About SOUGA ♀:

SOUGA ♀ stands for: "Saving Our Unique Girl Aberrations"
SOUGA was founded in June 2020 after wanting to find a completely natural loc spray, of course I ended up making my own and from there my passion in wanting to grow herbs and fulfill a life of staying who I am, flourished tremendously. My goal with SOUGA is to help assist those in their journey of knowing self, acknowledging, accepting, overcoming, and growing as a whole. SOUGA welcomes you with open arms to be who you are, in whatever form you choose to do so.
Be sure to submit below to be a part of our upcoming mental health talks. You have a voice and a story that deserves to be heard.